I’m a night owl and a master student studying Engineering Mathematics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In mathematics, my main interests lie within the analytic and number theoretic aspects of generalizations of modular forms and other kinds of number theoretic functions. This includes efficient evaluations of such functions.

Consequently, I am also very interested in mathematical software, where my main focus is on multiprecision software. I am especially interested in FLINT, Arb and GMP.

I very much enjoy typesetting in LaTeX and all the programming that comes along with it. My preferred font is Fourier.

Contact: albin.ahlback@gmail.com


  1. Eichler integrals and generalized second order Eisenstein series
    With Tobias Magnusson and Martin Raum. [arXiv]

Mathematical software

  1. ModularForms.jl
    A Julia-package for computing modular forms, developed with Tobias Magnusson and Martin Raum. Relies on the Julia packages AbstractAlgebra.jl, Nemo.jl and Hecke.jl.



At Chalmers, I have taught several courses as a teaching assistant. Here is a list of the subjects I have taught:

Software proficiencies

For me, free and open source software (FOSS) is important, which probably reflects my software preferences and proficiencies: